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NFL World Is Praying For Dolphins Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa This Thursday Night

Tua Tagovailoa stretchered off

The NFL world has Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa in its thoughts and prayers this Thursday night. 

Tagovailoa took a big hit to the head after being thrown to the turf by a Bengals defender in the second quarter of tonight's game. 

The Dolphins quarterback was stretchered off the field just moments later. 

A terrifying situation. Hopefully Tua is okay. 

"Praying for you @Tua," said Russell Wilson. 

"Prayers up man..," said Patrick Mahomes. 

"Haven't seen Tua move his extremities since he was loaded onto the stretcher and taken off the field. Difficult to refocus on football right now, but that's what everyone on the field is going to try to do," said Marcel Louis-Jacques.

"Hope Tua turns out OK. Obviously makes you wonder how he was allowed to play tonight. The NFLPA was investigating why he wobbled and fell after banging his head on the turf vs Buffalo. Dolphins said back tightness. Sure looked like concussion," said Skip Bayless. 

"I normally don’t have much emotion when it comes to injuries. I have a general feeling that I hope each player can return healthy. But I’m upset about this Tua head injury because of what happened last weekend. It’s hard to not tie these together," said Geoff Schwartz.

We, too, are keeping Tua Tagovailoa in our thoughts and prayers tonight. 

Teddy Bridgewater, meanwhile, is in for Tagovailoa for the Dolphins.