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NFL World Reacts To Broncos' Blockbuster Trade Rumor

Denver Broncos helmet

A major NFL blockbuster trade rumor is starting to circulate on social media this Tuesday afternoon. 

According to a report, the Broncos of Denver will likely trade star pass rusher Bradley Chubb if they lose in Week 8. 

Why the ultimatum? A loss means the Broncos will be 2-6 on the season about halfway through the season. 

With the playoffs then out of reach, Denver might as well trade away some of its better assets, Chubb included. 

"#Broncos top pass-rusher Bradley Chubb will be traded likely by Tuesday if Denver losses to the #Jaguars on Week 8, according to Mike Florio," said Dov Kleiman. 

This situation is pretty similar to what we saw with Von Miller last season. 

"Much like the Von Miller situation last year, Chubb only has half a season remaining on his current contract. Miller was traded by the #Broncos to the #Rams last year in exchange for 2nd and 3rd round picks," Kleiman adds. 

The NFL world is already discussing potential trade scenarios involving Bradley Chubb:

"The Chargers better be calling his agent then because he would fit perfectly with their defense right now in place of Joey Bosa until he's healthy," one fan wrote.

"How could u be tanking while paying ur qb 50 mil," one fan wonders.

"This makes zero sense, so if you win you keep your best pass rusher but if you lose you trade him??? What’s that logic lmaoo, this game will decide if the seasons over??" a fan questioned.

Should the Broncos trade Bradley Chubb if they lose to the Jaguars on Sunday?