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NFL World Reacts To Ex-Patriots Star's Stunning Bill Belichick Admission

NFL Picks: Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick's life without Tom Brady has not been a pleasant journey, but he's still an elite coach, right? Not according to ex-Patriots star Asante Samuel. 

Following New England's blowout loss to the Bears at home on Monday night, Samuel called Belichick an "average coach" without Brady.

"Belichick is starting to show you he is an average coach without Brady," he said on Twitter

You rarely, if ever, see players blast Belichick like this. 

Fans are stunned.

"Idk if that’s the case because it just seems his roster is built for the future. A lot of the veterans are past their primes playing major roles especially Safety and Oline," one fan wrote.

"It could be said that Brady is showing himself to be an average QB without Belichick," another fan said. 

"Is Brady showing us he is an average QB without good coaching? These one or the other takes are such garbage and biased," another fan commented. 

"My only retort here is that the talent pool around Coach BB hasn’t been as great.. and outside of Brady most players that leave we don’t really hear from them again. Just curious because I also look at all the talent that was (is) around Brady in Tampa… something is off here," a fan said. 

It's tough to tell who won the apparent "divorce" between Brady and Belichick. Right now it appears no one's winning.