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NFL World Reacts To Matthew Stafford's Stunning Admission

Matthew Stafford, Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LVI

Last year, the Detroit Lions said goodbye to Matthew Stafford and sent him to play for the Rams of Los Angeles. 

However, at the time Stafford believed he was going to be traded to another team in the NFC West. 

The veteran NFL quarterback told Jalen Ramsey on Uninterrupted this week that he believed he was going to get traded to San Francisco and become a 49er.

"Did I think I was going to go to the Los Angeles Rams? That was the last team I would have ever thought I was going to. I thought I was going to be across the bay in San Fran," Stafford said.

Can you imagine if the 49ers acquired Matthew Stafford instead of the Rams? They probably would have won the Super Bowl. 

Fans can't believe the Niners butchered another quarterback deal. 

"Exactly. We always suppose to get someone but never do," a 49ers fans said.

"Would’ve had a SB last year. No question," another fan commented.

"so it’s Jimmy G and probably only one 1st for Stafford instead of Goff + 2 firsts. Rams deal still the best proposed deal I’ve seen," one fan wrote.

"49er fans in shambles," an NFL fan said.

Poor 49ers.