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NFL World Reacts To Ryan Fitzpatrick's Stunning Tom Brady Admission

Ryan Fitzpatrick and Tom Brady

An old podcast clip of Ryan Fitzpatrick absolutely blasting Tom Brady is resurfacing on social media this week. 

During his previous appearance on "Pardon My Take" Fitzpatrick explains whey Brady just "pisses" him off. 

Brady and the Patriots beat up on the rest of the AFC East many times, and that includes teams Fitzpatrick quarterbacked for. 

However, the one time Fitzpatrick beat Brady back in 2011 the legend didn't even shake hands with the longtime NFL journeyman. 

"I’ve told this story before, but he just pisses me off because you’re in Buffalo, you’re playing New England, they’re kicking our ass—every single year they’re beating us," Fitzpatrick said. "We finally in 2011 knocked them off. It was right at the beginning of the season. We had this great start, and he threw five interceptions in the game, which was just wonderful to see every single one of them.

“It was like wonderful to see and runs straight off, like no handshake, no quarterback middle-of-the-field where the cameras are, ‘Hey, stay healthy, buddy.’ You know, pat me on the head and let me go. He just ran straight off. It bothered me so much because there was no respect there. Every time I played him after that it was like, let’s make this dude respect me.”


Let's take a look at what the NFL world is saying about Fitzpatrick's stunning admission on Brady.

"Well maybe that full go arrogant attitude is what makes him great. Maybe if he was just full of humility he wouldn't have been the GOAT. Ryan is a nice guy but he was also just a journeyman QB," one fan said.

"Not trying to diss the guy, but it’s telling that he talks about it like the highlight of his career was beating Tom Brady, while Brady’s is winning Super Bowls. Levels to it," another fan wrote.

"That's the difference between Brady and all these guys; he's focused on Lombardi while they're all focused on Brady," a fan commented.

Brady may not be well-liked by his peers, but he's almost has as many Super Bowl rings as fingers. We're sure he will be just fine.