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NFL World Reacts To Tua Tagovailoa Scary News

Tua Tagovailoa stretchered off

Earlier this season, Tua Tagovailoa was stretchered off the field after his head hit the ground during the Dolphins vs. Bengals Thursday night game. 

Tagovailoa's head injury has completely changed the way the NFL will now handle concussion symptoms and protocol. 

Fortunately, Tagovailoa has returned to practice and has a chance to start this Sunday afternoon when the Dolphins play the Steelers of Pittsburgh. 

On Wednesday, Tagovailoa spoke about his concussion and revealed there was a point he was completely unconscious. To make matters worse, he doesn't even remember the night up until he was tackled. 

"There was a point I was unconscious. I remember the entire night up until the point I got tackled. I don’t remember being carted off. I do remember some things from the ambulance and the hospital," said Tagovailoa.

That's terrifying. 

NFL fans are hoping Tua Tagovailoa is actually okay to play football again. 

"Probably best to shut him down until say Week 11," one fan wrote.

"My biggest Issue with Tua being back was watching him laying on the ground with his fingers crossed with an obvious neurological response, after obviously suffering a concussion the week before. I fear for his life!" a fan said.

"Not sure he should be playing football this season…" one fan commented.

"He shouldn’t be playing this Sunday. I’d sit him out another week," another fan noted.

Should Tua Tagovailoa be playing football this Sunday? Doctors have cleared him. 

Tagovailoa will likely be starting for the Dolphins this Sunday vs. the Steelers.