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Aaron Rodgers said he thinks New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson is talented enough to play in the NFL.

After reports surfaced that the Green Bay Packers will explore trading Rodgers and that Jets owner Woody Johnson could make a play for the veteran, Jets fans could interpret Rodgers' words like this:

"Zach Wilson is talented enough to (back me up) in the NFL."

"He’s going to come here, win a couple of Super Bowls, teach Zach Wilson how to be an NFL QB and then retire," one fan said.

On the Pat McAfee show on Tuesday, Rodgers broke down Wilson's game. The 23-year-old was benched for the second time this season after throwing for a season-low 77 yards in a 10-3 loss to the New England Patriots.

Wilson's career-low in yards thrown came as a rookie in 2021, where he completed 6-of-10 passes for 51 yards in the Patriots' 54-10 demolition of the Jets.

"For Wilson, it’s going to be humility, just lean into that, and be consistently working on the fundamentals," Rodgers said. "I think he’s so talented, but the best in the business can make all the plays outside the pocket, can move around, but fundamentally inside the pocket… that’s where you beat teams. … I hope that whoever they decide to go with at coordinator can work with him and kind of break down a lot of fundamentals for him and get him playing on time. I think he’s talented enough to have a long career in the league."

"If the #Jets trade for @AaronRodgers12, they get a win-now QB who may also be able to resurrect its #2 pick @ZachWilson. @woodyjohnson4 time to push the chips in," a fan said.

But it gets even more interesting. 

Rodgers complimented his way through the Jets arsenal, combing through their explosive offensive acquisitions.

"I think he’s super talented," Rodgers said of Wilson. "I think a little humility is good for all of us at various times in our careers. I think the first year, they literally had no players. They came to practice against us and I was like, ‘The defense can play and the offense needs some more players.’ Then they added a young receiver (Garrett Wilson) from Ohio State, is it? And got a tight end from the Bengals (C.J. Uzomah), I believe. They picked up a running back (James Robinson) who was pretty damn good last year."

"Acting like he doesn’t know the player names man he is a JET," a fan said.

So, will we see Rodgers in a new green uniform next year?

Only time will tell.