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NFLPA Threatening Broncos and Cowboys with Collusion


As the Broncos and Cowboys near the deadline to sign Demaryius Thomas and Dez Bryant, respectively, to long-term contracts, the NFLPA has threatened legal action. The Players’ Association, which has been vocally outspoken against with owners and NFL execs in the past, believes that there has been collusion between the two teams.

They will allegedly charge the teams for communicating and discussing information regarding their two potential deals or lack thereof. Collusion would provide more power to the team because of their combined interests, possibly undercutting the value of their star players. Bryant and Thomas have been among the league’s best wide receivers over the past few years, and their respective teams surely need them. Bryant has stated that he will miss regular season games if no deal is reached by tomorrow’s deadline.

See why the Broncos and Cowboys need their star wide receivers below:

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