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Nonprofit Rejects $100K Donation from Patriots Owner Robert Kraft


Robert Kraft could use any excuse for good press right about now. 

The Patriots owner recently attempted to give a generous donation of $100K to The Haitian Project, a nonprofit Catholic organization that gives free education to low-income children. Due to the charges against Kraft for soliciting prostitution, to which he pled not guilty, the organization declined. Patrick Moynihan, the head of the project, explained why he turned down the money that would've covered the cost for 50 students for the entire year. 

"The last thing I wanted was a donation from Robert Kraft," Moynihan told The Boston Globe. "I could not be silent. I had to stand up. $100,000 is hugely significant to us. I represent the needs of people who have a singularly terrible situation — a lack of assets. But we cannot do good by doing bad. The ends cannot justify the means."

The Haitian Project is still open to receiving help, but from who they deem to be the right donors.