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Odell Beckham Jr.'s Contract Length Demand Reportedly Revealed

NFL wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

Odell Beckham Jr. on Tuesday visited the Dallas Cowboys. By all indications, the visit concluded without a new contract signed. 

We'd heard previously that team owner Jerry Jones had felt concern regarding Beckham's health. The 9-3 Cowboys are in Win Now mode, so a player who is damaged goods would serve little use to coach Mike McCarthy's team.

But a tweet on Tuesday from reporter Clarence Hill Jr. revealed a potential new reason the Cowboys would exercise caution in their pursuit of Beckham. Odell, Hill writes, is seeking a deal extending beyond this season, which may not jive with the Cowboys' interests. 

"Per source, there was a sticking point between the Cowboys and Odell Beckham over whether he would be able to play and get paid this season, and the 'length' of the agreement," Hill reported. "Beckham wants deal through 2023. Cowboys are focused primarily on this year."

It's entirely possible that Beckham wanting a contract extending into 2023 works in lockstep with his health status. Should Beckham have lingering injuries, it's perfectly logical that he'd want financial security beyond this season. 

Calvin Watkins of the Dallas Morning News corroborated Hill's report, adding the likely perspective of Jones on the matter. 

"Coming into this visit," Watkins wrote, "Cowboys knew Odell Beckham Jr. wanted a multi-year contract. But if his health were in better shape then maybe you go down that path- especially if he’s able to play at least one or two regular season games. Jerry Jones is a great promoter."

Either way, it doesn't appear football fans will receive a satisfying conclusion on Beckham's free agency by the end of day. And if the Cowboys and Beckham are too far apart on contractual terms, OBJ's free agency could extend into next season.