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Odell Beckham Jr.'s Former Coach Believes There's 2 Teams In Contention To Sign Him

Odell Beckham Jr.

Just about everyone in the NFL world has shared an opinion on where free agent receiver Odell Beckham Jr. might land in 2022. 

Today, another noteworthy name has added his two cents on the preferred destination for the three-time Pro Bowler. 

In a conversation with The New York Post Tuesday, Odell's high school football coach Nelson Stewart told reporters that the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys are Beckham's two top choices. 

"Odell Beckham Jr.'s former coach believes that he will either sign with the Giants or the Cowboys, with the Giants possibly being a favorite," SNYtv tweeted Tuesday. 

While the Cowboys were mentioned alongside Beckham's former team, the Giants, Stewart believes New York is Odell's preferred landing spot. 

"It’s tight. But of all the teams I’ve heard about, the one that really resonates a little bit more is New York," Stewart said. 

Additionally, Beckham's former coach notes that Odell "loved" his time with the Giants despite a falling-out between the franchise and receiver years ago. 

"His end in New York was abrupt at a time of turmoil, and it had a cloudiness to it," said Stewart. "I think to go back to where it all started would be amazing for Odell. He’s grown up a lot, he’s grounded and he loves being a dad. He’s just in a great spot now. To me New York is a win-win."

Beckham last played for the Los Angeles Rams in 2021 and has spent the last several months rehabbing from a torn ACL suffered in last season's Super Bowl. 

If either the Cowboys or Giants land the heralded free agent receiver, their chances of catching the 8-1 and NFC East-leading Philadelphia Eagles should receive a massive boost. 

This weekend, the Cowboys will square off with the Minnesota Vikings while the New York Giants prepare for their matchup with the Detroit Lions.