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Outrageous Predictions for Super Bowl 50

Jonathan Stewart

Jonathan Stewart

This is it. The whole NFL season comes down to one game. On one side, a young team still looking for respect, despite a 15-1 regular season record, led by a freak athlete at quarterback. On the other side of the field, a storied franchise quarterbacked by a legend who will likely bid farewell to the game when the clock hits zero. Plenty could happen on the field — and off of it.

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Not only is the Lombardi Trophy at stake, but the game will likely be the most-watched sporting event in television history. That means everyone — not just the two teams on the field — will be pulling out all of the stops at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif., on Feb. 7 to make sure we are talking about them the following Monday.

Outrageous Predictions for Super Bowl 50

Von Miller doesn't record a sack

This won't be because he isn't capable (had 2.5 sacks in AFC Championship Game), but more because of the role he'll play. Expect him to set contain more often than rushing Cam Newton. The last thing Denver wants is for Newton to leave the pocket and beat the Broncos with his feet. Additionally, tight end Greg Olsen is Newton's favorite target, and Miller will likely draw that coverage assignment several times throughout the game in an effort to limit Olsen's effectiveness as a security blanket.

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Peyton Manning runs for two touchdowns

We saw flashes of what appeared to be healthy feet against New England. Don't be shocked to see Manning run a naked bootleg inside the five for a score and punch another one in via a quarterback sneak at the goal line. This is likely his last game. He'll sacrifice his body for a second ring.

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Jonathan Stewart sets the Super Bowl rushing record

So much attention will be paid to stopping Newton, you'll likely see plenty of running room for Stewart — especially off tackle. The Bronco defense is built to get after quarterbacks in wide-open passing attacks. They haven't seen a running game or a running back like Stewart in quite some time. Additionally, you'll see Stewart get a bunch of carries late if Carolina has a double-digit lead like many already expect. Any way you cut it, Stewart is in line for a big Super Sunday.

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John Fox makes a cameo in a Super Bowl commercial

I can't tell you what the ad will be about, but I can tell you that somebody is going to think it's a great idea to work a joke in about how the last two teams to cut Fox loose are now playing for the title. Look for an office setting where some exec is politely telling Fox that the record does show — regardless of his past success — that the company will be bigger and better simply by letting him go.

Seth Rogen makes out with Amy Schumer

We've all seen it. Rogen is shirtless, wearing tights next to Schumer in a beer ad, prepping for Super Bowl shenanigans. This is Super Bowl 50. It's the big one. One way or another, these "regular Joe" comedians are going to lock lips in an attempt to gross out America while somehow simultaneously sell beer. I can't wait (That's sarcasm).

Journey is going to crash the halftime show

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It's the Bay Area. Journey is from the Bay Area. They're kicking off a tour in April. It's Super Bowl 50. Coldplay is going to bring them out during their performance. It's going to happen — don't stop believin'.

— Written by J.P. Scott, who is part of the Athlon Contributor Network. Scott is the editor-in-chief of Follow him on Twitter @TheJPScott.