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Patrick Mahomes Has Blunt Admission On Playing Against Tom Brady Again

Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes after Super Bowl LV

On Sunday night, Patrick Mahomes and Co. outscored Tom Brady and the Bucs in a 41-31 shootout in Tampa Bay. 

Mahomes and Brady have developed quite the rivalry over the years. Mahomes got the best of the all-time great on Sunday night, but Brady, of course, got the best of Mahomes in Super Bowl 2021.

Mahomes actually thought the big game back in 2021 would have been the last time he played against Brady. 

In fact, Mahomes basically believes every time he plays against Brady is the last time. In other words, he keeps expected the 45-year-old to retire. 

Mahomes: "I feel like I've had my last game against Tom Brady like four times now."

You aren't alone Patrick. We have all thought at one point or another that Tom Brady was going to retire on multiple occasions. Even when he did he came back shortly thereafter. 

Who knows? Maybe this really is the last time Mahomes will play against Brady. 

However, if history tells us anything Brady is going to find a way to play another couple seasons.