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Patrick Mahomes Is Trending Tonight Following Tua Tagovailoa's Awful Throw To Tyreek Hill

Fantasy Football 5 Up, 5 Down: Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes

The Patrick Mahomes-to-Tyreek Hill connection in Kansas City was built on speed and deep-ball accuracy. In other words, it needed two to tango. 

Fans were hoping that same connection would manifest in Miami between Hill and his new quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa. Unfortunately, it hasn't yet. 

Late in the first quarter of this Thursday night's game, Tagovailoa took a deep shot to Hill. However, he didn't put enough air under it and it was easily intercepted by the Cincinnati defense. 

Fans can't help but point out that same play would have been a touchdown if Mahomes was under center for the Dolphins. 

"If Mahomes throws that it's 6 points," said Benjamin Allbright. 

"So funny how the TNF broadcast starts talking about how Tua might be more accurate than Mahomes and the next play is an under thrown pic to Tyreek #ChiefsKingdom," wrote Dalton Randall.

"That deep ball was there, if Tua had the arm strength. Mahomes and Allen would've made that throw," said Ben Volin.

"The irony of the booth talking about Hill saying Tua is more accurate than Mahomes and Tua throwing a pick on the next play," wrote Kevin Payne.

"Tua deep ball," Colin Cowherd adds.

Tua Tagovailoa isn't Patrick Mahomes, and that's okay. But it may hurt Tyreek Hill's statline this season. 

Can Tagovailoa bounce back? Find out on Prime Video.