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Patriots Fans Sue NFL Over Lost Draft Picks Stemming From Deflategate


Patriots fans are still feeling the repercussions from Deflategate. Yes, it's the story that will not die. 

Some fans have chosen to file a federal lawsuit against the NFL in order to attain the lost draft picks for their beloved team. The Patriots, as of now, are without their 2016 first-round pick and 2017 fourth-round pick due to issues stemming from Deflategate. The lawsuit has been brought by fans from Massachusetts, Florida, and New Jersey and signed by a lawyer in Maine. In it, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is accused of negligence, fraud, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and racketeering.

"In short, after a three-month, multi-million dollar investigation, actual proof of a plot to deflate footballs was never found," Attorney Seth Carey writes. "In the absence of such evidence, it is difficult to under why [outside investigator Ted] Wells found such a plot 'more probable than not.'"

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According to the Boston Herald, Deflategate has even caused a rift in a fan's own home. Todd Orsatti is a Patriots season-ticket holder and now claims his 7-year-old daughter is thinking of rooting for another team.

"Orsatti attends game with his 7-year-old daughter," Carey said. "She will no longer go to games with him because she thinks the games are fixed by the NFL after her team was punished based merely on conjecture. She is talking about finding another team, which has left Orsatti 'devastated.'"

It's a very serious matter.