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Patriots Honored With Incredible Super Bowl Rings

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After winning the Super Bowl in dramatic fashion, with a seemingly improbable victory, Patriots owner Robert Kraft awarded his team with the biggest rings in NFL history. It is a small sum for an impressive victory and overall season, but nothing is small about the ring itself.

The ring itself is decorated with 205 diamonds, which create an image of the Patriots’ four Lombardi trophies with their logo in the middle. Around the diamond middle, the words “World Champion” are in bold letters. One side of the ring shows the score of the Super Bowl game, the Super Bowl logo, their season record, and the quote “Do your job”. The other side is personalized with the name of the recipient, years of other Patriots’ Super Bowls, and Gillette Stadium. The inside of the ring reads, “We are all Patriots”.

These were given out at a festive celebration held at Robert Kraft’s home. Take a look at the ring for yourself:

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