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Peter King Blasts Joe Theismann For Suggesting Dwayne Haskins Not Wear No. 7


Of all the things Joe Theismann could be focusing on he's going with his old jersey number with the Redskins.

The former quarterback mentioned that newly-drafted Dwayne Haskins might want to pick a different number with the organization in order to carve out his own identity. 

After hearing that, NBC Sports' Peter King completely rips into Theismann saying that his thought process and handling of the Haskins' situation is weird.

Via NBC Sports:

"I think Joe Theismann even seeming to suggest Dwayne Haskins had to kiss his ring before being rewarded with the number seven jersey in Washington is really weird, and a little bit mindful of the Emperor with No Clothes. Would anyone think that a man with fewer passing yards than Steve Grogan and Jim Harbaugh, with few touchdown passes than Earl Morrall and Jon Kitna, with a lower career rating than Kyle Orton and Dave Krieg ... should have his number retired? ... The fact that Washington never gave Theismann's number out for years after his gruesome injury is a nice gesture, I supposed. But it's silly to think he was an all-timer, the kind of player whose number should never be worn again."

It will be interesting, given all the "controversy" around it, to see what Haskins does with the infamous No. 7.