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Peyton Manning Says Ian Rapoport's Reporting is 'Bulls— and Insulting'


Peyton Manning is a pretty reserved guy for the most part.

When the Broncos quarterback is fired up about something, chances are it home in some way. reporter Ian Rapoport allegedly received false information regarding Manning's status as the backup QB.

Immediately following the quotes, Broncos VP John Elway tweeted out that Rapoport's findings were not true. reporter Jeff Legwold went straight to Manning and asked his thoughts on the report. 

The URL now leads to a dead link, but according to Legwold and PFT, this is what Manning said:  

"'It's bulls— and it's insulting.' I asked if that was on the record and he said, 'yes, I can't say it any plainer than that.'"

This wouldn't be the first time an NFL player has a problem with Rapoport's reporting, as Ndamukong Suh insinuated the reporter recently gave a false report on him.