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  • Todd Bowles

    New York Jets 2017 Team Preview and Prediction

    NFL, News, Magazines A year ago, the Jets entered the 2016 season with lofty expectations and high hopes, after they had won 10 games in coach Todd Bowles’ first season. They dreamed of making the playoffs for...

    1 week 6 days ago by Athlon Sports

  • New England Patriots 2017 Team Preview and Prediction

    NFL, News, Magazines For a Patriots team that had just completed the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history, complacency did not set in. Not even a little bit.   If anything, the Pats and coach Bill Belichick...

    1 month 2 weeks ago by Athlon Sports

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  • Jay Ajayi

    Miami Dolphins 2017 Team Preview and Prediction

    NFL, News, Magazines Long-time Miami fans know all about one-year NFL wonders — those teams that overachieve one season only to fall back the next. That’s because the 2008 Dolphins fall in that category,...

    2 weeks 1 day ago by Athlon Sports

  • Tyrod Taylor

    Buffalo Bills 2017 Team Preview and Prediction

    NFL, News, Magazines The Buffalo Bills haven’t been to the NFL playoffs for 17 consecutive seasons, the longest active postseason drought in North American professional sports. So why should 2017 be the season...

    6 days 19 hours ago by Athlon Sports

  • Funny Fantasy Football Team Names

    125 Funny Fantasy Football Team Names

    Fantasy The 2017 NFL season is closing in (the first regular season game is Sept. 7), and it's time to prepare for America's favorite pastime, fantasy football. While it's hard to control...

    3 weeks 9 hours ago by Rich McVey

  • 2017 NFL Training Camp Dates and Locations

    2017 NFL Training Camp Dates and Locations

    NFL With the days and weeks of summer ticking by, the arrival of a new NFL season continues to approach. Fans still have to wait until Sept. 7 for Kansas City and New England to kick off in Gillette...

    1 month 3 weeks ago by Juan Jose Rodriguez

  • 5 Ways to Improve the National Football League

    NFL Despite the NFL’s undisputed status as the most dominant professional sports league, it needs some improvement. A few lingering issues still require some resolution. In particular, scheduling...

    1 month 4 weeks ago by John La Fleur

  • Patrick Peterson's Car Collection

    Patrick Peterson's Car Collection is Fast & Furious

    NFL Patrick Peterson has a track record few NFL players can keep up with. He was USA Today Defensive Player of the Year out of Ely High School in Pompano Beach, Fla. He won the Chuck Bednarik Award...

    2 months 2 hours ago by Nathan Rush

  • Jameis Winston

    Top NFL Quarterbacks Under 25

    NFL The NFL is loaded with talent at the quarterback position, and it doesn’t seem like the league will be short of good players in this spot for the next few seasons. In Athlon Sports' "...

    2 months 6 days ago by Ryan Nixon

  • Aaron Rodgers

    50 Best NFL Players of 2017

    NFL The NFL is full of high-caliber athletes, regardless of position played. But when stacked up against one another, which position or player reigns supreme?   For example, everyone knows that...

    2 months 1 week ago by Athlon Sports

  • Patrick Peterson

    2017 NFL Defensive Back Rankings

    NFL An NFL secondary may be considered the back end or last line of defense, but that doesn’t minimize its importance to a team’s success. For example, everyone knows about Seattle’s...

    2 months 1 week ago by Athlon Sports