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  • Eli Manning

    Examining the Over/Under 2017 Win Totals for the NFC East

    NFL The NFC East is working its way back to being the fiercest division in the NFL. Things changed though when the NFL suspended Ezekiel Elliott six games. We'll see how many of those he actually...

    3 days 18 min ago by Matt Josephs

  • Carolina Panthers

    NFL Scouts Talk Anonymously About NFC South Teams

    NFL, News The NFC South is one of the best divisions in football, but that doesn't mean there arent some questions surrounding the top teams. While the Falcons are predicted to win the division, the...

    3 days 23 hours ago by Athlon Sports

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  • Aaron Rodgers

    Aaron Rodgers Finds the Fountain of Youth

    NFL There was a time — not all that long ago, actually — when Aaron Rodgers was already planning for life after football. He’d led the Green Bay Packers to their first Super Bowl title...

    3 days 23 hours ago by Athlon Sports

  • Examining the Over/Under 2017 Win Totals for the AFC East

    NFL There are two storylines in the AFC East that will be talked about a lot before the season and they are "will the Patriots go 16-0 again?" and "will the Jets go 0-16?" The answer...

    4 days 18 min ago by Matt Josephs

  • DeMarco Murray and Marcus Mariota

    NFL Scouts Talk Anonymously About AFC South Teams

    NFL, News The AFC South is arguably the most wide-open division in the NFL right now. Houston and Tennessee tied for the division lead at 9-7 last season, with the Texans winning the tiebreaker and making the...

    6 days 23 hours ago by Athlon Sports


  • Montravius Adams

    NFL Scouting Combine Watch: Montravius Adams

    College Football, NFL Recent history shows that if you want to win in the NFL, you need to have a solid-if-not-elite defensive line to do so. Recent history also shows that if you are looking for elite defensive linemen...

    6 months 4 days ago by J.P. Scott

  • Matt Ryan

    10 Greatest Quarterback Seasons in NFL History

    NFL It seems that each new NFL season brings an epic performance by a quarterback. The great quarterback seasons boil down to two things: offensive output and wins, and even though Atlanta's ...

    6 months 1 week ago by Aaron Tallent

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  • NFL Scouting Combine Watch: Cooper Rush

    NFL While there is plenty of debate which quarterbacks, if any, should be taken in the early rounds of the 2017 NFL Draft, there are several intriguing prospects to keep an eye on as Day 2 and 3 options...

    6 months 1 week ago by J.P. Scott

  • Eric Decker

    10 Players Whose 2017 Fantasy Football Value Could Change Drastically This Offseason

    NFL, Fantasy When one fantasy football season ends, most owners take a little break and then start looking ahead to the next season. One of the key elements to look for is to see what players may have a change...

    6 months 1 week ago by Sarah Lewis

  • Bill Belichick

    25 Greatest Head Coaches in NFL History

    NFL Winning championships can certainly cement a head coach’s greatness, but his place in history cannot be defined by titles alone. One must look at the full body of work throughout his NFL...

    6 months 1 week ago by Aaron Tallent

  • DeMarco Murray

    8 Very Early Bold Fantasy Football Predictions For 2017

    NFL, Fantasy It seems just like yesterday we were in the middle of the 2016 fantasy football season and we were making trades, crushing the waiver wire and making fun of friends on our way to our destiny...

    6 months 1 week ago by Michael Horvath

  • Tom Brady

    5 Greatest Comebacks in NFL History

    NFL, News Sunday’s epic comeback by the Patriots is certainly the best in Super Bowl history, but where does it rank all time? In looking at comebacks, you have to factor in the deficit overcome, the...

    6 months 1 week ago by Aaron Tallent

  • Grading the NFL’s New Head Coaching Hires

    NFL It took until after the Super Bowl, but all six NFL head coaching vacancies have been filled. Of the six, Jacksonville’s Doug Marrone is the only “new” hire with any previous head...

    6 months 1 week ago by Antwan Staley