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Pro Sports' 20 Worst Teammates of All-Time

Worst Teammates of All-Time

Worst Teammates of All-Time

There are many different ways for a locker room to implode, splinter and almost assuredly fail to accomplish much of anything. Many times, these locker rooms are infested with teammates who clearly aren't committed to winning championships.

Here are our worst teammates of all-time:

Ryan Leaf, NFL

The torrid and tawdry tale of the San Diego Chargers' first-round pick in the 1998 NFL Draft is well documented. His off-the-field drug issues as a coach alone make him one of the most tragic members of any locker room in all of sports. As a player, he was in yelling matches that nearly developed into physical altercations with teammates, general managers, fans during practice and one famous reporter who really, really needs to "knock it off." There is a reason he won only four of his 21 career starts.

Tonya Harding, Figure Skater

It doesn’t gets any worse than physically assaulting your teammate with the direct intent of ending their career. On Jan. 6, 1994, Harding conspired with ex-husband, Jeff Gillooly, and her bodyguard, Shawn Eckhardt, to break teammate and competitor Nancy Kerrigan's right leg. They hired a man named Shane Stant to assault Kerrigan at Cobo Arena in Detroit, causing Kerrigan to withdraw from the 1994 US Championships. The attack didn't keep Kerrigan from competing in the 1994 Winter Games in Lillehammer where she won the silver medal. Harding would end up pleading guilty to conspiracy.

Barry Bonds, MLB

Possibly the most talented and most high profile player on this list, it seems awfully appropriate that Bonds never won a World Series title. The stories from teammates, fans and reporters stretch out longer than one of his bombs into the Bay. Not showing up for team photos, blaming teammates for failed drug tests, berating journalists, distracting the team and constantly distancing himself from his team. There also is Rob Dibble's assertion that Bonds' own Pirates teammates would offer steak dinners and cash to opposing pitchers if they would hit the slugger during his days with Pittsburgh.

Latrell Sprewell, NBA

Few players have wasted more talent on nonsense than Sprewell. Not many players can say they have literally choked their head coach. His excuse? "It's not like he was losing air or anything." Spree's laundry list of locker room dust-ups is too long to comb through. But choking your coach and publicly wondering how he was going to feed his family on a $21 million contract is enough to make this list.

John Terry, EPL

One of the most decorated English soccer plays of all-time, Terry won "Dad of the Year" in 2009. The voters must not have known about his bar fights, airport altercations, handicap parking tendencies and general sleaziness. He has been investigated for racial abuse and was busted for having an extramarital affair with a teammate’s significant other. Well done, sire.

Jeff Kent, MLB

Few players have ever been as abrasive as Mr. Kent. Stories of Bonds — yes, Barry Bonds — having to play the role of peacekeeper in the Giants clubhouse should tell you all you need to know about Kent. Teammates, media, coaches and fans couldn't stand to be around him. Neither could the people on "Survivor" apparently.

Gilbert Arenas, NBA

He was known for his propensity to berate and verbally abuse teammates. He also was connected with some of the more vicious rookie hazings. However, being suspended for nearly an entire season because you brought a handgun into the locker room takes the cake.

Delonte West, NBA

This one isn't too hard. Over a three-year period of time West was traded three times and eventually waived by the Minnesota Timberwolves. His career began unceremoniously when officers found a concealed handgun in his pocket and, you can't make this up, a shotgun in a guitar case on his back during a speeding stop — while on a motorcycle. In 2010, he got into a locker room fight with Von Wafer, one that witnesses say West instigated. In 2012, he wasn't allowed to attend the Mavericks' trip to the White House.

Bill Romanowski, NFL

The burly and physical tackler was a menace on the field as one of the nastiest hitters in the game. Off the field, he was one of the worst teammates. During his playing days, he was long-linked to potential steroid use that likely led somewhat to his insane practice habits. No less than six major violent incidents with teammates dot Romanowski's resume. He shattered Marcus Williams' eye socket, ending his career, broke Kerry Collins' jaw and attacked Tony Gonzalez. He kicked another teammate in the head, spit in another's face and was known to aim for an extra-sensitive area of the body with the football from time to time. He’s since toned down his antics dramatically and has been slowly working to rebuild his image off of the field.

Manny Ramirez, MLB

No one makes you shake your head quite like Man-Ram. He had physical altercations with teammates and even apparently knocked over an elderly secretary. He was one of the most bizarre outfielders in the history of the game. Cutting off throws, disappearing into the Green Monster and landing on the baseball only scratch the surface. He also was suspended for using steroids late in his career. But Manny also is guilty of the worst crime in all of sports: intentionally not playing hard. Manny Being Manny was great for a laugh — if you didn't play with him. To his credit, Ramirez is trying to rehabilitate image by working with young players as a hitting consultant for the Cubs.

Terrell Owens, NFL

Constantly throwing teammates under the bus, Owens' selfish attitude on and off the field cost his locker room any cohesion and, at times, cost his team yards on the field. Effort was never his issue like some other prima donna wideouts in the NFL, but to blame quarterbacks and coaches for his own failures is absurd. And to infer certain things about Jeff Garcia in a negative way is unacceptable, distasteful and classless. Especially, coming from a guy as vain as T.O.

Steve Smith, NFL

Multiple fights with multiple teammates made Smith a constant headline in Panthers' training camp during his 13-year tenure with the team. He has been sued, fined, suspended and sent to anger management training stemming from a lengthy list of indiscretions. He also has long been one of the yappiest players in all of the NFL.

Carlos Zambrano, MLB

He was suspended for arguing with teammate Derrek Lee. He got in a fight between innings with catcher Michael Barrett. His temper and childish behaviors were caught on film numerous times on the North Side of Chicago. Why did you think the Cubs' new regime was willing to pay millions for him NOT to be in their clubhouse when he was traded away in January 2012?

"Worst" of the Rest:

Albert Haynesworth, NFL

A paycheck player who refused to play certain positions and never stayed in shape following his monstrous payday.

Keyshawn Johnson, NFL

Was always wondering why the Jets were throwing the ball "to that little white guy." Hmmm... TMZ also is pretty sure that he cheated on his wife.

Stephon Marbury, NBA

Constantly battling with teammates and even his GM, he single-handedly derailed the Knicks from 2004-09 before taking his act overseas to China.

Allen Iverson, NBA

Game effort was never the issue. His diva persona and attitude towards practice was.

Joe Horn, NFL

On the field antics and sleeping with a teammate's wife qualifies Horn for this list.

JaMarcus Russell, NFL

Lazy, out of shape and unfocused on anything that had to do with winning games.

Milton Bradley, MLB

Eight teams in 12 years for the short-tempered maniac. Bradley also has dealt with multiple domestic abuse-related incidents.