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Ranking the Best and Worst NFL Logos

NFL Logos

NFL Logos

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Considering the NFL’s popularity across the globe, it should come as no surprise that a considerable part of the team’s identity can be found in its respective logo. That’s why you have some teams (Dallas, Pittsburgh, Green Bay) whose logos are among the most recognized in all of sports, while you have some other teams (Jacksonville, Miami, Minnesota) that can continue to tinker with theirs.

So which NFL teams have logos that stand out in a good way and which ones could use a makeover? To answer that question, we enlisted the help of graphic designer Daly Cantrell, who is responsible for the look and layout of all of Athlon Sports’ preview magazines. To her trained eye, great NFL logos implement subtle flairs of personalization for its specific city or school. As you can see below, those logos that are simple and personable ended up very high on her list, while on the opposite end of the spectrum you have the AFC North (minus the Steelers).

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One of the most recognizable team logos in professional sports. (mic. drop) The single star represents Texas as “The Lone Star State,” making this logo simply personable.


Incorporating a Spanish fighting bull and the Texas flag screams, you guessed it, Texas, putting the Texans’ logo near the top of this list. Also, it gives off a modern and fierce vibe.


By using the fleur-de-lis, the New Orleans Saints pay tribute to the heritage of the Big Easy; making it a perfect logo to represent the culture of New Orleans.


Based on the Steelmark logo with three hypocycloids (yes, that’s what they are called), the Steelers’ logo is a homage to both America and the steel industry and makes for a perfect logo in Steel City.


The Colts’ logo is simple and classic. It has remained almost unaltered and that speaks for itself.


The concept of having a football-shaped G is simply brilliant, enough said. Side note: Did you know the Packers franchise granted the University of Georgia and a few high schools around the U.S. limited permission to use a similar logo?


The Raiders’ logo is spot on. From the colors, to the shield, and the eye patch the composition of this logo embodies the Raiders.


The Bills’ logo is clean and not cartoonish. I’m a big fan of the “pop” line of red, not only does it give the buffalo more simplistic detail, but it also gives a since of movement and a point of reference to look at.


The Broncos’ logo has been changed a lot throughout the years. The balance between the aggressive facial features and the curvy lines in the mane make for a great composition.


The wishbone C has been a Bears staple for years. It’s simplicity and uniqueness puts this logo in the top 10. 


Though the Bucs’ logo is a pretty cool one, I still think the team could have done more with it considering the presence of a pirate ship in Raymond James Stadium.


I love this logo, but why does the bird look so mean? Cardinals aren’t naturally mean birds and this one looks pissed. Lighten up, Cards.


I’m continuously wishing that now that the Rams are back in LA that they will change their colors to bright gold and blue. The dull navy and gold make the Rams’ logo look bland.


This logo has come a long way. The old Jaguar logo looked somewhat like a cartoon drawing of a brain. The fierceness to the new logo makes it stand out more. I also like the usage of teal on the tongue, eyes and nose.


I’m a fan of this logo; though it is a little flat. I enjoy this non-realistic version of a falcon. I also really enjoy that it’s f-shaped. Clever.


I love the green eye and the fierce aesthetic of this logo. It gives the logo a tribal/Egyptian feel, one that is very different from the other bird logos.


With all jokes aside, this “Flying Elvis” logo is well done. I am a huge fan of the negative space in the hat, which depicts the hat of the patriot flying in the wind.  I do, however, wish the face was less pointy.


I think aesthetically I would like for this logo to just be the feathers. It still gets the point across and they have enough detail to stand on their own. The line between too little and too much is a tough one.


I think someone could have been a little more creative when making this logo, but at the same time I enjoy the puniness too. It’s a (ahem) Giant abbreviation of New York.


This logo hasn’t changed very much throughout the years. The addition to the black and gold lines help give a plain oval a more 3D feel. It’s only lower on this list because it’s a little boring.


I like that the Chiefs’ logo has been the same since the 1970s, but I think the arrowhead could use an update.


While this logo is not the most modern, it has strong lines and makes for a classic and stoic look.


The best part about this logo is the colors. I love that the Chargers have incorporated powder blue back into their logo. Though I still don’t understand why the lightning bolt is turned and curved?


Definitely the lesser of the evils when it comes to the past Jets logo, though I’ve never been a fan of outlined type.


This lion looks possessed, but other than that, it’s not terrible. From afar, however, it resembles more of a blob than a lion.


The choice of pairing blue with the darkness of black makes this logo way too bright (and I love bright colors). Maybe the use of grey or white could cool down on the harshness? The face of the Panther has great complexity and uniqueness but the body has a weird angle.


With our company based out of Nashville, the home of the Titans, you would think this logo would be higher, but it isn’t. Also known as the flaming thumbtack because no one else knows what it is supposed to be. The only part of the logo I enjoy is the three stars, providing a parallel to the Tennessee state flag.


I think I would like this logo more if it wasn’t pointing down so much. I get the whole “stalking its prey” concept, but it also could be taken negatively... that the eagle is crashing and burning. Also, why is its beak crooked?


First, I am so glad Miami did away with the childish cartoon dolphin with a helmet on its head. (I know many people loved it, but it looked like it belonged in the children’s aisle at a toy store) I am, however, a big fan of Miami’s colors and the way they were incorporated into the logo.


BORING. Though, this B logo is 10 times better than the past logos, it still lacks in terms of creativity.


It seems to me, that whoever came up with the concept of this logo was being lazy. Also, I’m not a fan of the red eye; it makes the raven look even creepier than it already does and uses too many bright colors in one little logo.


I don’t get this logo. Why is it just an orange helmet? Also, it looks like a stock image. Maybe because it is hard to represent the Browns as an image-based logo, the team should just stick with a logotype. It might clear the air.