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Remember 2007 New York Giants Fans? 0-2 is Not the End

Tom Coughlin

Tom Coughlin

The New York Football Giants are 0-2 at the start of this 2015 season. They have not played a complete game yet this season. They have taken leads into the fourth quarters of both games, only to make mental and tactical errors, on the field (looking at you, Eli Manning) and in the coaching booth, that cost them the game. They have shot themselves in the foot both times.

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And they still have a legitimate shot to win the NFC East.

The Giants do have to start on Thursday with a win against the Washington Redskins. However, they are positioned to make a real run at what appears to be a weakened division. The Dallas Cowboys, in just two weeks (and an offseason) have lost 90 percent of last year's offense due to injury (Romo's broken collar bone and Dez Bryant's foot) or financial reasons (DeMarco Murray taking the money in Philly, more to come on that one). They will try to survive the next eight weeks without Romo, Bryant and no foreseeable running game to mention.

The Redskins got their first victory yesterday against the Dolphins, but it wasn't because they had a flawless victory. There are still many, many, many, problems on that team — at quarterback, at running back, at offensive line and possibly at head coach. They seemed to have solved their problems at Scout team safety, utilizing their $16 million dollar backup quarterback, Robert "RGIII" Griffin. They survived against an anemic Dolphins offense, but one would have to think that they will probably turn up on the other side of the win column.

The Eagles through two weeks are very bad. Through two games, they have amassed a total of 70 yards rushing on 33 carries. 

Let's repeat that - 33 carries, 70 Yards. That is three running backs and a quarterback combining for a total of 70 yards rushing. That is an All-Pro running back in DeMarco Murray, who rushed for 1,845 yards last year, who has currently amassed 11 yards on 21 carries. There are major problems in Philadelphia, and seemingly no end in sight. Chip Kelly mortgaged the farm,and it looks like he may lose the farm, the crops, the animals, the land the house sits on, and the house itself.

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Which leaves the Giants, who through their first two games are averaging around 23 points per game, around 61 percent in the passing game, around 98 yards per game rushing and a boast a defense that is holding teams to an average of 11.5 points through nearly 53 minutes of game time (3 3/4 quarters). The Giants simply need to finish their games and they will probably shoot right up to the top of the NFC East. A defense that was supposed to suffer mightily without Jason Pierre-Paul has emerged as a somewhat formidable presence, and seemingly getting better each week, minus the last two minutes of each of the game's fourth quarters. The mistakes the Giants have made can be corrected fairly easy:

Giant Mistakes to Fix

1. The Giants must find a third receiver. Rueben Randle and Larry Donnell must catch the ball consistently, something that apparently cost former Giant Preston Parker his roster spot following his release Tuesday, and help free up Odell Beckham Jr. and Shane Vereen to be even more impressive then they have both already been. If either of these pass catchers can emerge as reliable options when targeted, and the Giants can put Victor Cruz back in his rightful position, then this offense will be right there in terms of passing and point production.

2. The Giants' defense are learning from each game and each mistake. Linebacker Uani' Unga has emerged as a more than capable backup to Jon Beason. The defensive line is far better, and more dominant than previously thought to be, and Unga and his leadership have been tremendous supporting that. Also better than advertised is the secondary. Prince Amukamara, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, and rookie Landon Collins are playing very well and starting to figure out each others strengths and weaknesses, which is critical in order to get your secondary playing at a high level.

This week's game against Washington provides a great opportunity to right the ship for the G-Men. Head coach Tom Coughlin, stated in today's press conference. "The situation in our division is very obvious to all of you, and I'm going to point that out to our team in a couple of minutes."

If the Giants can string a few wins together, much like their legendary championship run in 2007, then the division should shake out to allow them the opportunity to jump right back into the thick of things. 

There is just no reason after two games to panic. So everybody... just relax.

— Written by Lloyd H. Spence, Jr., who is part of the Athlon Contributor Network. Spence also has written for the Dallas Morning News, Yahoo!'s, and ESPN Louisville. He can be heard on the radio of "Talkin NOIZ" and "The Football Show of Collin County." Follow him on Twitter @TalkinNOIZ.