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Report: Here's How Long Roger Goodell Wants Deshaun Watson Suspended For

Deshaun Watson, Cleveland Browns

Roger Goodell is pushing hard for Deshaun Watson to face a much longer suspension than just six games. In fact, he wants to punish the Cleveland Browns quarterback for the entire season.

Goodell confirmed on Tuesday that the NFL is indeed continuing to seek a year-long suspension for Deshaun Watson. He's basing the season-long suspension on the evidence that's been presented to him and League officials. 

If the NFL succeeds, Watson will miss the entire 2022 season. 

"Roger Goodell confirms the NFL is continuing to seek a full-season suspension for #Browns QB Deshaun Watson," said Nick Pedone. 

"'Because we've seen the evidence,'" said Goodell.

The evidence certainly supports Roger Goodell's wish. The NFL commissioner is clearly trying to make an advantage out of Deshaun Watson. 

Goodell even said Watson's behavior is "predatory" based on the evidence he's seen. 

He added, “Because we’ve seen the evidence. She [disciplinary officer Sue L. Robinson] was very clear about the evidence. ... She reinforced the evidence that there [were] multiple violations here and they were egregious and it was predatory behavior."

Will Deshaun Watson miss the entire 2022 season?