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Report: Here's The NFL's Punishment Deshaun Watson 'Would Accept'

Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson.

Judge Sue L. Robinson recommended to the NFL that Deshaun Watson should be suspended for six games of the 2022 season. The NFL has since decided to appeal the decision and is pushing for a far more significant punishment. 

Roger Goodell has already revealed he and League officials are pushing for a season-long suspension. If that's the decision, Watson is expected to fight it. 

With that being said, there is potentially another route. According to a report by The Associated Press, Watson would be willing to accept an eight-game suspension and $5 million fine as a settlement. 

"Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson would accept an eight-game suspension and $5 million fine to avoid missing the entire season, a person familiar with his defense told The Associated Press on Thursday," the AP reports.

It's unclear if the NFL would be willing to compromise. This won't turn into a negotiation. But if the NFL wants to avoid a months-long fight against Deshaun Watson and his defense team, settlement would be the route to take. 

As it currently stands, Watson will serve a six-game suspension to start the 2022 season. That will likely change here in the next few weeks.