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Report Reveals Whether Josh McDaniels' Job In Vegas Is Safe

Raiders coach Josh McDaniels

Will Josh McDaniels be the next NFL head coach fired? 

The Colts fired Frank Reich on Monday. He joins Matt Rhule as one of two head coaches to lose their jobs in the NFL this season. 

Some are questioning if McDaniels will be next. His Raiders are 2-6 this season, good for last in the AFC West standings. 

However, it doesn't appear the Raiders will be making any quick decisions regarding McDaniels' job. In other words, he's "safe" for now. 

"League source on the status of the #Raiders: 'Josh (McDaniels) is safe. Don't believe crowd noise. Everyone is disappointed, but no one is panicking. We all feel we have a good team, we just have to finish games better,'" a source told Josina Anderson.

First-year head coaches rarely get fired in their first season. But it's not unheard of. 

The reality is the Raiders were supposed to contend for the AFC West this season. They are far from the playoff team most were expecting this year. 

McDaniels and the Raiders play the Colts, who just fired their head coach on Monday, this coming Sunday. A loss to a team without a head coach would be an awfully-bad look for McDaniels.