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Richard Sherman Has Blunt 2-Word Message For Jets Quarterback Zach Wilson

Richard Sherman

Former NFL star Richard Sherman

Zach Wilson's nightmarish week reached a new crescendo Tuesday. 

As if it wasn't bad enough to pass for a paltry 77 yards Sunday, and then lose support of the clubhouse following postgame comments, and then potentially lose his starting job...Wilson is now getting roasted by acclaimed former cornerback Richard Sherman. 

Addressing the Zach Wilson situation on his self-titled podcast, Sherman gave the sophomore QB some feedback that he likely won't enjoy hearing.

"I'm sitting him down," he began. "You gotta say, 'You suck and you're not helping the team in any way.'" 

...Ouch. The splashy "You suck" soundbite will be what fans latch onto from Sherman's rant, but the five-time Pro Bowler raised a number of level-headed points as well. 

Specifically, Sherman's case that the Jets have succeeded in spite of Wilson- not because of him- isn't an unfair one. The Brigham Young product has passed for more than 200 yards on just three occasions this season, and the Jets still enjoy a respectable 6-3 record despite this. 

"He's earned no respect," Sherman said in reference to Wilson, and NFL vets who have been through the ringer and absorbed more contact to reach their position will likely agree. Whether Sherman's words will manifest in the form of Wilson being benched remains to be seen, but he continued to expand on his point Tuesday on Twitter.