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Rob Gronkowski Has Spent None of His Contract Money


Gronk loves the limelight, and he has never shied away from displaying how much fun he has. But he shockingly announced that he hasn’t spent any of the money he’s made on his NFL contract. Not even a single cent from it. Instead, he’s been able to support himself financially off of his endoresement deals, which is surely a sizeable amount.

In a league that has often produced players who go into bankruptcy soon after retirement, the NFL’s top tight end seems to understand this common path for many. However, he knows that it is avoidable, and that is why he has saved his money and not made any large, luxurious purchases. As one of the league’s most marketable players, he should be able to continue to live very well off of endorsement alone, as he remains in the midst of a six year, $54 million contract through 2019. 

Look below for just one of many of Gronk's endorsements: