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Robert Griffin III Crushes Ron Rivera For Controversial 'Quarterback' Comment

Robert Griffin III

People around the NFL continue to pile on Washington Commanders coach Ron Rivera. 

Former Washington quarterback and current ESPN broadcaster Robert Griffin III is the latest to blast Rivera after Rivera attributed his team's 1-4 start to quarterback play.

Griffin, the No. 2 overall pick by Washington in 2012, laid the blame on Rivera and the Commanders' coaching staff for the team's four-game losing streak, not quarterback Carson Wentz.

"You NEVER do this to your Quarterback. The difference between Washington and the rest of the division is Coaching. Daniel Jones has a 1st time Head Coach and they look the best they have in YEARS. The Cowboys have gone undefeated with their BACK UP QB. Coaching matters." -- Robert Griffin III

Rivera, in his third season as the Washington head coach, was asked by a reporter Monday why other teams in the division have been better than the Commanders so far this season. His answer: "quarterback."

"The truth is that this is a quarterback-driven league, and if you look at the teams that have been able to sustain success, they’ve been able to build it around a specific quarterback," Rivera said.

While Wentz has struggled at times during his first season in Washington after coming over from Indianapolis during the offseason, the rest of the team hasn't done Wentz a ton of favors. Wentz has been sacked 20 times through five games, the third-most in the league, and Washington is tied for 25th in the NFL in scoring defense. 

Now, Wentz knows that he doesn't have the confidence of his head coach.

Griffin countered Rivera's statement with the argument that the Dallas Cowboys have won four games in a row with backup quarterback Cooper Rush behind center and the New York Giants are off to a 4-1 start with Daniel Jones — not exactly household names. 

He suggested that the best way for Rivera to correct course after a slow start to the season is to look in the mirror.