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Robert Griffin III: Expect a Top-12 Fantasy Performance in Week1

Robert Griffin III (aka RG3) makes his debut at New Orleans in Week 1 in a game that seems to be getting labeled the shootout of the week. Of course, this probably means it will be the dud of the week. 

But you do have the new Washington Redskins quarterback in the Superdome trying to keep up with a team that scored 34.2 points per game last year (2nd) while allowing 21.2 (20th).

Washington, meanwhile, allowed 22.9 (12th) while scoring 18 (26th). It’s the latter where Griffin is expected to be able to help the Redskins make a marked improvement on and it begins Sunday in New Orleans.

He will be a top-12 fantasy quarterback when Week 1 comes to an end.

New Orleans was generous to rookie QBs a year ago — facing them four times for an average of 196 yards passing, 32.3 yards on the ground with eight TDs and three interceptions. 

The Saints allowed four rookies to throw for at least one touchdown last season, and they allowed 193 yards and two scores on the ground to opposing QBs a year ago. All three top performances came from rookies as Cam Newton had 59 yards and a score in two game, Jake Locker had 36 yards and a score and Christian Ponder rushed for 34 yards.

It comes out to an average of 23.04 points for the four rookies.

I would be happy with a 23-point day from RGIII in his NFL debut.

RGIII has a stable of receivers to throw to — Pierre Garcon, Josh Morgan, Leonard Hankerson, Santana Moss — and a stable of pass-catching backs — Evan Royster, Roy Helu and Alfred Morris. He also has the ability to pull it down and run himself.

Expect a shootout of a game where each team scores at least 20. That happened to the Saints in half of their games last season, and opposing QBs averaged 283 yards and 2.1 touchdown passes with five total interceptions in those eight games.

Washington might be on the 20-point end of the shootout, while New Orleans is on the 40-point side, but that doesn’t matter in fantasy. What matters is RGIII can help you and the Redskins score 20 on the way there and be considered a top-12 start in Week 1.

—by Corby A. Yarbrough @Corby_Yarbrough on Twitter