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Robert Griffin III Uses 1 Word To Describe His Feelings On The Deshaun Watson Punishment Decision

Robert Griffin III

Robert Griffin III

Robert Griffin III is furious with the National Football League and NFLPA over the Deshaun Watson punishment decision. The Browns quarterback has been hit with an 11-game suspension and $5 million fine. 

Griffin, the former Heisman winner, took to Twitter this Thursday afternoon to express his frustration regarding the punishment decision. He has one word to truly express how he feels: "Sickening."

"The NFL had an opportunity to show it had learned from its ugly history on standing up for Women with this Deshaun Watson case and IT FAILED. 11 games and a 5 million dollar fine doesn’t fit what he was accused of doing and found to have done by Judge Sue L. Robinson. Sickening," said Griffin.

The NFL had previously stated it was seeking out an 11-game suspension for Deshaun Watson. But it was clear Watson's legal team was going to fight a potential full-season ban. The League settled with the NFLPA on 11 games and a $5 million fine. 

Watson will make his Browns debut in Week 13.