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Robert Saleh Reveals How Zach Wilson Reacted To Getting Benched

Jets QB Zach Wilson

Jets QB Zach Wilson

New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson received some bad news Wednesday, as he'll be a healthy scratch for the team's Week 12 matchup against the Chicago Bears. 

Drawing the start at QB will be Mike White, with Joe Flacco backing him up. As a healthy scratch, Wilson won't even have to put on the shoulder pads. 

Naturally, this news must have been difficult for Wilson to take, but according to coach Robert Salah, he reacted as well as could be expected.

"Why now? Why me? I want to play," Wilson told Saleh after getting benched. 

Saleh clearly felt this move was in the best interest of Wilson and the rest of the team. Wilson's benching temporarily satiates those who are calling for the second-year QB to receive a demotion, and it may give New York a better chance to top Justin Fields and the Bears. What's more, Mike White will be offered a chance- possibly his last one- to prove he can hang in the league as a reliable quarterback. 

Using fairly stern language, Saleh was sure to hammer home that this move was not the end of the line for Wilson. A coach at the collegiate and professional level dating back to 2002, Saleh is aware of the team's plans for Wilson extending beyond this season. 

In the coming weeks, Wilson will have the chance to atone for his postgame blunder and prove himself as a quality teammate.