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Ron Jaworski Drops An S-Bomb on Monday Night Football (Video)


Ron Jaworski accidentally said the word "shit" during the live broadcast of the Patriots at Dolphins Monday Night Football game last night. Chad Henne missed a pass down the right sideline and as Ron was breaking down the mistake that Henne made, he let the s-word slip out. The transcript of what Jaws said was:

"That was one Chad would love to have back. He knew he had the one-on-one matchup going down the right sideline. Shit, you have to get rid of this ball just a split second quicker. You'll see it here."

Ron has apologized, but does anyone really care? In fact, if I'd like to see more swearing during broadcasts instead of less. In this day and age of reality TV, I'd like to hear what these commentators really think, in the language they would use if they were sitting in a locker room. I think it would probably sound something like this:

"Chad Henne is a piece of $&%# quarterback who will never lead the @&%#$% Dolphins anywhere. Can you believe this %&#@ is actually a %!*%$* NFL Quarterback? What %*%#@(% gave him a job? That %&@$* should be %&^#(@ fired right &^$(%&@ now. Back to you Mike."