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Ron Rivera Explains What He Meant By Stunning 'Quarterback' Comment

Ron Rivera

Ron Rivera is offering further explanation on what he meant by his stunning "quarterback" comment on Monday. 

When asked by a reporter what's separating the Commanders from the rest of the NFC East - which is a combined 13-2 on the season so far - Rivera had a one-word answer: "Quarterback."

It's interpreted as a clear shot at current Commanders' staring quarterback, Carson Wentz. 

However, Rivera revealed this Tuesday that all he meant by the comment is that the other NFC East quarterbacks have more experience in their respective systems. 

"I didn't have to. I was fortunate enough that our media relations director contacted him and let him know. And I actually talked to Carson this morning," said Rivera. "In fact I talked to the whole team. I had a mea culpa moment and that I should know better. I created a little bit of a distraction and that's one thing that I try not to do and it's one thing that I'm very aware of. Again, it's one of those things that when you misstep, people can't wait to dive onto it and jump onto it and hold onto it without an opportunity to explain yourself. So, hey, that's on me. I should know better."

Ron Rivera is absolutely right. He should know better. 

This could have a lasting impact on Rivera's relationship with Carson Wentz.