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Russell Wilson Had 4-Word Message For 'Broncos Country' After Tough Loss

Russell Wilson, Denver Broncos

Broncos Nation is already sick and tired of Russell Wilson's always-optimistic outlook. 

Wilson missed a wide open K.J. Hamler during Denver's last possession in overtime. Hamler could have walked into the end-zone for the win. 

It was yet another ugly showing from the veteran quarterback. Some say he's "washed." The Broncos quarterback is keeping the faith, though. 

Wilson muttered his corny motto while leaving the podium during his postgame press conference: "Broncos Country, let's ride."

Yikes. Russell Wilson's whole shtick is already getting old. It simply doesn't work if you aren't winning football games. 

What's disappointing about Wilson is he isn't even playing like a starting NFL quarterback right now. Some are actually starting to wonder if it's Pete Carroll who was the mastermind behind the Seattle Seahawks' previous success. 

Regardless, Wilson needs to get back on track. He's completing just 59.4 percent of his throws for 1,254 yards and four touchdowns with three picks on the season. 

It's shaping up to be a long season in Denver.