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Russell Wilson Reveals The Seahawks Tried To Trade Him 'A Couple Of Times'

Russell Wilson, Denver Broncos

The Seattle Seahawks did the unthinkable by trading Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos this last offseason. It was time. Seattle's on the decline and Wilson is trying to make the most of his final few years in the League. 

However, it wasn't the first time the Seahawks tried to trade the veteran quarterback. Russell Wilson told reporters this Thursday that Seattle actually attempted to trade him a "couple of times" before he was finally dealt to Denver.

“Definitely they tried to, a couple of times, tried to see what was out there,” Wilson said, via Jeff Legwold of “It’s part of the business, being a professional and everything else. . . . I believe in my talents, of who I am, I feel I’m one of the best in the world.”

In fact, the Seahawks were looking at trading Russell Wilson all the way back in 2018. That would have been just three years after Super Bowl XLIX, the year Wilson threw a late red-zone interception to seal the Seahawks' fate vs. the Patriots. 

Seattle was clearly thinking about other quarterback options, even when Wilson was playing at a high level. The big question is why? Did the Seahawks not want to pay their franchise quarterback?

Regardless, Wilson is now playing for the Broncos. He'll make his debut next Monday night against the Seahawks.