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Saints' Junior Galette Allegedly Part of 2013 Beach Brawl

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The NFL has dealt with too many off the field issues recently, especially involving assault. Now, another incident has evolved, this time with Saints linebacker Junior Galette, who allegedly attacked a dancer earlier in the year. Those charges were dismissed, but a video from 2013 has surfaced that seems to show him whipping a woman with a belt on a Miami beach.

The video appears to display a group fight between several men and women that shows many vicious punches and kicks. Galette’s lawyer has spoken out against the video, claiming that it is not actually his client in that video. Yet, the Saints have been made aware of this video and sent it to the NFL to review. Coincidentally, Galette is expected to learn his fate this week during a meeting with the NFL about the earlier 2015 incident. 

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