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San Francisco 49ers Reportedly Have A Jimmy Garoppolo Plan

Jimmy Garoppolo, San Francisco 49ers

By all accounts, the San Francisco 49ers plan to move on from Jimmy Garoppolo. They'd like to trade him, but haven't had any success in such an attempt yet. 

Per NFL insider Ian Rapoport, there's no clear trade partner for Garoppolo as of this current moment. And, for now, it's unlikely a substantial trade market occurs. 

However, the 49ers aren't simply going to let the veteran quarterback go unless they have to. 

According to Rapoport, the 49ers will try and trade him until cut-down day is here. If Garoppolo is still on the roster by then, the NFC West franchise may look to cut him. 

"From Inside Training Camp: The #49ers have no reason to move on from Jimmy Garoppolo any time soon. Holding him until cut-down day makes sense," said Rapoport. 

There's still a chance a team trades for Jimmy Garoppolo. At this point in training camp, coaching staffs get a good idea of their quarterback situation. Maybe a team like the New York Giants realizes their current situation is ugly and would like an upgrade. 

Regardless, the Niners are going to remain patient here. They're in no rush to cut Garoppolo and let him walk for nothing. Hopefully one team gets desperate.