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Seahawks DE Frank Clark Fires Back at Writer Over Domestic Violence Piece


Sports journalists don't have the easiest jobs. Sometimes the athletes they write about get heated about an article they've written.

In the case of Seahawks DE Frank Clark and a former SB Nation writer, that's exactly what happened. It appears the writer in question, Natalie Weiner, wrote a piece recently for Bleacher Report on the topic of Greg Hardy and domestic violence. With that story she shared another one she wrote for the Seahawks blog criticizing their decision to draft Clark despite domestic violence charges against him. Clark tweeted to Weiner and even though he ended up deleting the tweet, nothing disappears in the age of the internet.

Harsh words from Clark there. Like clockwork he deleted the tweet and posted some form of an apology.

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Never a good look for a player to tweet the first thing that comes to his mind. Later Clark realized that apology wouldn't suffice and tried again.