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Seahawks Fans Start GoFundMe to Break Up Russell Wilson and Ciara


So it's come to this.

The Seahawks are 0-2 on the season so far and fans are not happy. They are placing the blame on Russell Wilson's girlfriend Ciara, because apparently she has something to do with the team's play. They've started a GoFundMe to break the couple up. 

Via GoFundMe: 

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"Us Seahawks fans would love to see our team winning again. After seeing how great Future Hendrix career has been since Ciara broke up with him. We think the same thing can happen for Russell Wilson again!!"

The $50,000 they're trying to raise is expected to go to getting "Ciara's career back on track" so she has no time for a relationship. Trust me, money isn't the answer. Just to clarify, Future's career was popping well before his breakup with Ciara.

At the time of this post, it only has $10 of the goal, so they have a long way to go. Looks like these two will be together for a while.