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Sean McVay Has Honest Admission On Christian McCaffrey Trade

Sean McVay and Matthew Stafford, Los Angeles Rams

If there's only one thing NFL fans have in common with Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay, it's likely the reaction to the San Francisco 49ers trading for Christian McCaffrey.

Speaking with the media Monday morning following the team's Week 7 bye, McVay apparently had a similar response to many in the NFL world when first hearing of the McCaffrey news. 

"Oh s–t, they get another great player," McVay said, according to an article posted to "Pro Football Talk" this morning.

McVay continued, praising McCaffrey as a player and noting the impact he might have in Kyle Shanahan's offense:

"I think he’s a phenomenal player," McVay said Monday according to PFT. "Obviously, we saw him recently. I’ve always had respect for his game and the versatility. I think that’s your first inclination, and then you know what a great job Kyle [Shanahan] and his staff do of maximizing and utilizing versatile offensive weapons. That was my first reaction. Then as a competitor, you say, ‘Hey, they got him.’ We’ve gotta be able to move forward accordingly and it just so happens that they’re on the schedule this week."

Due to the timing of the trade and how the Rams' schedule played out this season, Los Angeles will face McCaffrey in two consecutive games. The team took on the Panthers in Week 6 before the trade took place and will now face McCaffrey's current team, the 49ers, in Week 8 following last week's bye. 

All eyes will be on the Rams and 49ers next Sunday as both teams look to improve their standing in the NFC West.