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Sean McVay Will Likely Retire When 'Core Group' Of Rams Players Do, per Report


Sean McVay and Matthew Stafford, Los Angeles Rams

Last season, the Los Angeles Rams went all-in and acquired former Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford en route to winning Super Bowl LVI.

Now, with several players, including Stafford, entering the late stages of their careers, one NFL insider believes Sean McVay isn't likely to continue coaching after his core group of players retire.  

In an interview on The Dan Patrick Show Wednesday, Albert Breer said that once the Rams' core of Stafford, Aaron Donald, Jalen Ramsey and Cooper Kupp retires, he believes there's a "pretty decent chance" McVay will be gone too. 

"#Rams coach Sean McVay's future with the team is tied to the "core group" of Donald, Kupp, Stafford and Ramsey and in all likelihood, once that group leaves, McVay will retire, according to @AlbertBreer," Dov Kleiman tweeted Wednesday afternoon.

When Breer was asked why McVay would choose to walk away instead of, perhaps, choosing the Pete Carroll route and sticking around for a rebuild, Breer said:

"I think at some point he's going to want to take a break. If I had to ballpark it, I would say he has anywhere between one and five years left with the Rams. I do think a big piece of this, maybe the whole thing, is going to be dictated by those four players. I do not think he will be sticking around for the post-Matthew Stafford era of the Rams." 

The Rams, 3-4, have undoubtedly struggled this year when compared to their Super Bowl run from a season ago. If they don't turn it around quickly, it appears that they may be headed for a rebuild, one which Sean McVay likely won't be a part of.

Los Angeles will travel to Tampa Bay in Week 9 as the Rams prepare to face the Buccaneers.