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Senior NFL Writer Apologizes For Significant Mac Jones Reporting Mistake

Patriots quarterback Mac Jones

A senior NFL writer is apologizing for making a significant rookie reporting mistake regarding Patriots quarterback Mac Jones. 

Ben Volin of the Boston Globe received a tip via Twitter DM that the Patriots started Brian Hoyer over Bailey Zappe a couple weeks ago to "appease" Jones. 

"Buddy works over at Gillette selling season ticket packages - he heard they went with Hoyer over Zappe against GB initially to appease Mac who's camp made it very clear that he didn't want Zappe to jump in," the Twitter DM sent to Volin reads.

Volin ran with the DM and reported it as actual news without vetting the tip first. He's since learned that the DM was a fake tip and he's now apologizing for his mistake.

"Hey everybody, just want to acknowledge that I made a mistake Wednesday on @WEEI. I should have not spoken of the DM without vetting it first. No excuses, It won’t happen again. I appreciate the feedback and comments I’ve received," said Volin.

It's nice to see some sort of accountability in the media these days. It looks like Volin's learned his mistake and can now move on. 

Mac Jones, meanwhile, is expected to return soon from injury and assume his starting role in New England.