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Steelers Fans Are Unhappy With Mike Tomlin This Tuesday

Mike Tomlin, Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers are off to a 1-4 start, and fans aren't exactly feeling warm and fuzzy about head coach Mike Tomlin or his staff.

Speaking to reporters Tuesday, Tomlin offered a vote of confidence in offensive coordinator Matt Canada.

Tomlin on Matt Canada: "I'm confident." -- Andrew Fillipponi

That's not sitting well with some Steelers fans. The proud franchise lost to the Buffalo Bills 38-3 on Sunday and appears to be headed toward its first losing season since 2003.

Canada's offense, in particular, has struggled. The Steelers rank 28th in the NFL in total offense and 30th in scoring. Tomlin benched quarterback Mitchell Trubisky, who started the first four games, midway through Week Four. First-round draft pick Kenny Pickett hasn't fared much better, having thrown four interceptions and no touchdowns across his first two games.

Tomlin did make clear that he expects more from the Pittsburgh offense, saying his confidence in Canada "means very little." 

"It’s what is on tape," Tomlin said. "We understand that. … That is where I’m at right now. I’m not changing for the sake of change, it’s changing if I feel it produces a desired outcome in any area.

“We’re looking at those things, we’re open to those things but not in an effort to quell the masses or anything of that nature.”

Still, some fans are demanding immediate action.

Tomlin should get a long leash from the Steelers front office. He's won 63.4 percent of his games, which ranks 22nd all-time among NFL coaches, and has never presided over a losing season during his first 15 years in Pittsburgh. 

Still, if things keep trending this direction in Pittsburgh, staff changes seem inevitable, and even Tomlin might not be safe.