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Steelers Fans Are Very Worried For Quarterback Kenny Pickett

Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett.

Mike Tomlin waited way too long to make a quarterback change in Pittsburgh. 

The Steelers finally replaced Mitchell Trubisky with Kenny Pickett last Sunday. However, the rookie won't make his first official start until this weekend. 

Pickett, the former Pitt star, will make his first Steelers start against the top AFC challenger in the Buffalo Bills. Unfortunately, it doesn't get much easier from there. 

Pickett's first games will come against Buffalo, Tampa Bay, Miami, Philadelphia and New Orleans. Good luck, Kenny. 

Fans are getting pretty worried about Kenny Pickett here over the next few weeks. 

"If he gets 2 wins out of that he may have a chance at a decent career," a fan said.

"1-4 if they are lucky more like 0-5," another fan wrote.

However, at least he's getting good game experience. After all, it's not like the Steelers are going to do anything special this season. 

"Love it. Steelers aren’t going anywhere this year regardless of who plays quarterback. Get him some action against real live bullets, it’ll serve him well down the road," a fan wrote on Twitter.

If Kenny Pickett can win two of the five games it will be considered a success, but even that feels like a stretch. 

Good luck, Kenny. You are going to need it.