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Stefon Diggs Fires Back At Fans Upset With The 'Snow Game' Decision

Bills WR Stefon Diggs

Bills WR Stefon Diggs

The NFL relocated this weekend's matchup between the Buffalo Bills and the Cleveland Browns, much to the chagrin of many fans.

The two teams were originally scheduled to face off in Buffalo, which is currently being hit with an epic snowstorm. Forecasts have called for the city to see as much as six feet of accumulation by Sunday. 

The Bills and Browns will now play at Detroit's Ford Field instead.

Plenty of fans have voiced their displeasure about not being able to watch a game played in snowy conditions. Those calls have only been amplified by photos of the Bills' Highmark Stadium looking like a winter wonderland, which made the rounds on social media Friday.

But one of the players who would actually have to take the field in the snow is not on the fans' side.

Bills star receiver Stefon Diggs fired back at those who have called the snow in Buffalo "football weather" on Twitter.

For a wide receiver like Diggs, whose success is dependent on making quick lateral moves and quarterback Josh Allen being able to get the ball to him, it makes sense that he would much rather play in a dome rather than in a blizzard. Not to mention, getting tackled into a snowdrift sounds cold and miserable.

That said, even if Sunday's game had been played in Buffalo, it's unlikely the field would have looked anything like the viral photos Friday. The snow is forecast to stop falling by the end of the day Saturday, which would have left the stadium crew plenty of time to clear the field.

The primary reason for the venue change was expected difficulty getting the two teams to the game. The "lake effect snow warning" issued by the National Weather Service this week cautioned that travel would be "very difficult to impossible."

The Bills are experiencing that now. A report indicated Friday morning that there's still uncertainty about the team's ability to get players to the airport and fly them to Detroit.

Hopefully the game is still played, even if it's not in the snow. More importantly, hopefully the people of Buffalo stay safe amid the winter weather.