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Pardon My Take, a podcast produced by Barstool Sports, landed a marquee guest for Wednesday's show. Hosts Big Cat and PFT Commenter were joined by Stephen A. Smith. 

The three had a wide-ranging discussion on the world of sports and Smith's storied career working in sports media. The topic of conversation reached Smith's former co-host, Skip Bayless, and Stephen A. revealed an interesting tidbit on his former on-air sparring partner. 

"I will always miss Skip. Skip is my guy, I love him," Smith began. "Listen man, if you talk about one final day with Skip Bayless I'd welcome that any day of the week, just to pay homage to what he's done to me. And to beat him again."

Intrigued by the possibility of a reunion show, the hosts pressed Smith for further details on this potential final showdown with Bayless. 

"It would be fun: One final show, or something like that. But that's all. Other than that, I'm good."

So it appears Smith isn't clamoring for a full-time reunion with his former co-host, but would enjoy a one-off program for nostalgia purposes.

Some may have found it curious for Smith to have maintained loyalty to Bayless amid the controversy Skip caused with his Damar Hamlin tweet.

But as Smith fondly recalled in the interview, Bayless made the case to ESPN bosses for Stephen A. to be elevated as a full-time member of First Take, which launched his career.

Though Bayless and Smith don't agree on everything, to put it mildly, it appears there's still affection between the two.