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Streaking Fan Tackled By 240-Pound NFL Linebacker Reportedly Suffered Concussion

Streaking fan during Monday Night Football between Rams and 49ers.

Remember the streaking fan who carried some sort of pink smoke grenade during the Rams vs. 49ers Monday Night Football game a few weeks ago? He reportedly walked away seriously injured from the incident. 

The streaking fan was leveled by Los Angeles Rams linebacker Bobby Wagner as he ran onto the field. 

Wagner, who weighs 240 pounds, is paid millions of dollars to hit other NFL players. The streaking fan stood no chance. 

According to TMZ, the fan suffered a concussion as a result of Wagner's hit. 

"Mr. [Alexander] Taylor had a headache," cops said in the report, via TMZ Sports, "a concussion without loss of consciousness, and a burn on his inner right bicep."

That's what happens when you interrupt an NFL game. Hopefully Mr. Alexander Taylor learns his lesson. 

Taylor reportedly ran on the field to spread awareness about an "alleged theft of pigs from a factory farm."

The individual has filed a police report over the Bobby Wager incident.