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Super Bowl LIV (54) Bingo

Super Bowl LIV (54) Bingo

Super Bowl LIV (54) Bingo

Super LIV (54) kicks off on Sunday after another long and drama-filled NFL season. We have been blessed with a matchup between two franchises with no shortage of history and, thankfully, modern-day storylines: the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs.

What better way to take advantage of that than by playing a little game within the game at home? I present, Super Bowl Bingo.

Use this traditional bingo card and keep an eye out for appearances, phrases, and Super Bowl commercials that you just know are going to happen. Unfortunately for you Patriots haters, there are plenty of New England ties to this game, so you'll be subjected to plenty of Brady, Belichick, and Co., even though they aren't participating in the game itself.

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As a bonus, if you're having an adult party, you could even turn the bingo card into a certain kind of "beverage consumption challenge." Please participate as responsibly as possible.

Super Bowl 54 Bingo Card for 2020

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