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Super Bowl Brother


Athlon's Managing Editor Mitch Light had a chance to sit down Vanderbilt quarterback Jordan Rodgers. He has an interesting perspective on the Super Bowl. He is the brother of the Packers’ starting quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, and he is a quarterback himself — a junior at Vanderbilt who will battle incumbent Larry Smith for the starting assignment next fall. We spent some time with Jordan to talk about his brother’s run to the Super Bowl.

Might Light: How cool has this been to see your brother experience so much success?

Jordan Rodgers: It’s been awesome. I was only able to make one game during the regular season, the last game of the season, at Green Bay vs. the Bears. I was able to make the last two playoff games. It was a ton of fun to be able to watch my brother and his team have the type of success they are having. It’s a dream come true for him, to make it to the Super Bowl. He is going to be the starting quarterback in the Super Bowl. I am so happy for him.

ML: Do you watch the game as a fan? Are you nervous? Or do you just focus on him?

JR: I am definitely nervous, but not as nervous as my parents are when they watch. I’m usually focusing on him. Being a quarterback myself, I like to watch the game to see what he does. If he takes a hit that I know hurts or could be an injury, I get a little worried. I do get nervous.

ML: Were you in the stands in Chicago or in a suite?

JR: Freezing my butt of in the stands like everyone else. My parents, my brother and I were sitting in the end zone. I was freezing. It was a great game to watch.

ML: Did people know who you guys were?

JR: No. Not really. There were obviously a lot of Bears fans around us. I don’t think anyone noticed who we were.